Hackers of Reptile Social Media

I tried to only post relative and pertinent reptile questions and information in this forum but I felt like I needed to let everyone know that someone has been hacking Instagram accounts and there have been a lot of reptile accounts that have been victimized. Unfortunately my Instagram only had pictures of my animals and I had no pictures of myself and the person had already changed my contact information and email account associated with my Instagram so there was no way for me to verify the account was mine so now it is going to be lost forever. I received a message from a well-known reptile person that I already had messages from and communicated with in the past so I trusted that the message I received came from him. He asked me to copy and paste a link for some merch and a website he was starting and by copying and pasting the link I inadvertently gave that person access to my Instagram. I was totally unaware that the person who contacted me had already had their account hacked and because they have a large following was using this account to reach out to a lot of other accounts. I do not want to name the people involved but just beware of any messages from any trusted Instagram accounts that will ask you to copy or paste because that account may have been hacked.