Had no idea these two were het albino

We bred our champagne to a lemon pastel yellow belly and this is what we got. We had absolutely no idea they were het albino. The Het albino on the champagne side came from a Het albino 4 generations back that never proved itself in any offspring from who produced her so there was only a 6% chance she was het albino. The male was our first ever ball bought from a pet store so of course they had no idea about genetics of the snake. All morphs produced including the normal only had a 3.25 % chance of popping up.


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Oooooo very nice surprise. Like an early Xmas gift.

It was a surprise! A very cool one!

Now that is an awesome gift to receive. I was wondering when it would start in ball pythons, this almost always happens with corn snakes. Multiple hidden genes within after years of producing. It’s beginning!

Over the next 10-20 years I expect many who breed to hatch genes they never intended.

Just my thought, enjoy those two albinos

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