Haha Who’s White baby is that!

Hello! My partner-in-crime and I recently brought our first clutch to term (?) and two of the babies made it out of seven. It was a rough couple of months and a gruesome learning process but we took a lot away from it.

But we ended up with what I feel is a bit of a mystery?

This is the baby in question post shed 1

These are photos of them under a black light just to seeee the faint markings

Here are some pics of the sibling, we are fairly certain they are (visually) just spider Albino and a pic of them in blue the albino is still waiting to shed

This is the only picture we have of the father for the moment (the albino) and the mother (Pastel Spider / Bumblebee, now proven het albino) together. We dont have more pics of the dad for the moment.


Last one is mom as a youngin

So any ideas? We speculate that maybe mom has phantom? Idk! We werent expecting much out of this clutch but CERTAINLY not that.

There was also a third egg we expected to hatch out but they didnt make it, amniotic sac was way too thick.

I will link those below if you wanna see, but CW/ dead baby BP

A real shame…




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Wow, this is a roller coaster of a story.

It looks like the one that passed may have been underdeveloped and not just a drowning in egg… At least looking at the shape of the head. It just isn’t as fully formed looking. So it wasn’t anything you could have helped from what I see…

As far as the surprise! Do you have any speculation on dad? Or know what the grandparents were?

It could be anything from BEL to BlkEL to Ivory.
Albino BEL seem to have a higher incidence of bead eyes/microphthalmia in Lesser/butter, Mojave and I think phantom (or maybe Russo?)… So I’m wondering if it’s maybe a black eye Lucy or ivory in the parentage.


Yes I am leaning the same as @armiyana bel combo can be hidden some with the spider, but the albino dad to me doesn’t look like a bel morph to me. So I would think fire could be in both parents, except the mom still browned out quite a bit so I am going towards yb complex (ivory) that is very well hidden in albino and hard to tell sometimes in spider, and your female did look super bright as a youngster! That’s my best guess, I could be mistaken as well. Either way, what a cool surprise! I would have liked to have been there when that hatched out! Just to see everyone’s face! What a cool story and baby you have!


@armiyana @banereptiles thank you so much for your feedback guys! My friend and I have been chatting and we definitely think YB complex is a possibility in the mom, so it might be worth proving her out for that in the mean time.

We also plan on keeping and proving out this boy, and maybe we will get some fun hints at more of his coloring as he grows! In the mean time I am certainly planning on posting updates here when that time comes, and we’d love any more ideas and feedback that comes through :two_hearts:


Great to hear! Keep us updated, especially when you do breed him. (Hopefully to something in the yb complex😁) I like to see this mystery solved myself!

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