Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink Sex

Hello all,
I need help determining the sex of a blue tongue skink I am thinking of purchasing and need help to know what to do. I have attached pictures and am willing to try any and all methods any experienced owners might recommend.

Thanks and Stay Scaly,


Excerpted from an an online article from Reptiles magazine.:

“Here are three surefire methods. I have devised a little composition I call “The Three E’s.”

  1. Ejection or dispersion of seminal plugs reveals a male blue-tongued skink.

  2. Eversion of hemipenes during excretion reveals a male blue-tongued skink.

  3. Expression or behavior. How does your animal react when placed with another blue-tongue? If you put two animals together and one begins to chase and mount the other, you have definitively discovered that the aggressor is a male.”