Hamburg reptile expo (usa - pa)

The hamburg reptile expo in pennsylvania is one of the largest expos on the eastern side of the state and has been going for… gosh years, 30 i think? Probably more i forget without looking at the site.

Anyway! Its next weekend and i am stoked and hoping to find a couple things on my list to check off. Ive had good luck in the past there.

Anyone one else planning on going?


Maybe some day, but it’s about 4 hours away from me, so I can’t go next week :sob:

Aw thats a bummer. You must be further out west? Theres some good ones i hear out near pittsburg!

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Further up north actually, around central New York. I’d rather not say the city though for privacy reasons.

Oh thays right you didnsay ypu were in ny. Totally understand!!

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Even though I can’t go to Hamburg, I have an AMAZING reptile expo coming up in April. It’s called REXPO, and it’s probably one of the most underrated expos out there. I’m gonna pick up another hognose while I’m there.

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Tomorrow is the daaaay!!! Ive been selling things out of another of my hobbies to have some fun money to spend tomorrow as well as what i need for some supplies.

I need to get feeders, pinkies, fuzzies and hoppers for my snakes. I am also going to be getting some branches and such for enclosures.

Animal wise ill be looking for a female het snow hognose. Unfortunately i lost my axanthic het albino female, avalon, in brumation. Im gutted, and still trying to wrap my head around that loss.

I will also be looking for some specific morphs in bps. I want to add a few things, bamboo being a big one. I just LOVE that look. Ill be looking at het pied things as well, hopefully pastel, but no normals. Kane is a normal and i want to add more genes to my pied project. So anything i get will need to be dominant or incomplete dom.

I will for sure be coming home with one snake, as ive already purchased her. Ill share pics of her once ive got her in hand.

Im really looking forward to this show. Meeting up with a good friend and her hubby, and getting introduced to some of her friends. Ill also be seeing some acquaintences in the tarantula hobby.

If anyone here is going, let me know if you’d like to say hi! I love meeting fellow enthusiasts and talking “shop”. :blush:

That’s exactly what I’m looking for at my local expo in a month!

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Somebody posted an arctic albino het axanthic on fb today, and i about shat myself. Msged her. 15 hundred. 2019 hatch date, so fully grown. Just out of my budget atm. :sob::sob:


I feel that. I found a female arctic anaconda albino het sable for sale the other day on the MorphMarket marketplace and I almost inquired to buy…that is before I realized it was 8000 dollars :sob:


Oh jaysus. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: some of these morphs are KILLER, But so is the price tag. I love looking at JMG’s stuff, but a the nice stuff is $$$


I feel that way on MorphMarket when the price just says inquire or put in a offer. That’s what I’m trying to go after right now :crazy_face:. Moonglow Sterlings or VPI Sterling het Anerys are hard to find. And yes, I am looking at internationally though :grimacing:


Hamburg was an awesome show this month for me. I got a friend to buy an mbk. Shes wajted either a mbk or a hognose ajd the mbk i handed her was chill akd she fell in love so… :grin:

I spent a total of three hours wandering around, talking to people, and checking out snakes and geckos. I got to meet someone i really look up to in the hognose world, and spent a good long while talking shop with him as well as his buddy. bought a toffee p/h toxic from his buddy, and im stoked with that animal. Inquisitve, bold little dude, and hes just pretty. :heart_eyes:

Was supposed to be picking up my striped cal king from one vendor, and he forgot to bring her :grimacing::roll_eyes:. So the “boss man” offered to ship on them, or cut me a break on something on their table. I got 50 bucks off a mbk male, and had a nice chat with them. Chatted with some friends and just had an overall good time.

I am not generally an outgoing person, but something about being around people who share my passion gets me talking. I even like the guys who try and pressure me into buying something from them. Ive learned to be confident enough in my no, and can keep it light hearted and fun, but still stand behind my no. This is a big deal for me, i used to not be at all like this, so its a point of pride for me now.

Anyway, pics of the new additions!!


Congratulations on the new additions!

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Wow, congrats on the new additions. Hopefully the hognose proves out to be het axanthic. I for one love toxic hogs, so that would be cool if you were able to produce some.


I would love to go to one but I’m like 19 hours or 18 hours and 45 minutes
Maybe, on one of them

I’m 10hrs and 50min. I really wanted to go this year but my hubby and I’s two year anniversary got in the way :laughing: hopefully next year. I will get to go to the National Reptile Breeders Expo for the first time so that’s super exciting.

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I am 18 hours 49 minutes away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m a bit over 7 and a half hours. I would like to go but I would much rather go to Tinley, which is only under 4 hrs away. And I highly doubt I would be able to go to both.

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