Hamm show in Summer 2020

How many breeders are coming to hamm show next summer?

I think it would be helpful to know, when you search new snakes (mainly Ball Pythons, you never know…).

An every experience and advices would be appreciated :slight_smile: This my first big show. We have little smaller here in Finland.


Where is this show? Im looking to get my 1st ever reptile this year hopefully. (Only pet Ive ever had my whole life were all dogs). Im looking to get either a corn snake or Uromastyx geyri lizard although I think Ill do better with the U geyri lizard since it’ll be easier for me to feed.

The Hamm show is the largest reptile show in Europe and takes place in Germany.

Now a general reminder as this as a huge potential for TOS violation, please keep sales talk and self promotion out of this thread.

Thank you.


Here a screenshot from Google maps.

It’s near munster and Dortmund.

Next one is 14th March. If you can’t find an animal there you can almost find it nowhere in Europe. Got several animals from Hamm. Just love going there :grin:. They have a website and a list of all the vendors is on it some weeks before the next expo. Just google Terraristika Hamm. When you like a snake on morph market just check the information from the breeder. Often they already list there which shows they go to.

@beast-blade-wolf_987 Corn snakes are everywhere in almost every reptile shop and even the smallest expo’s, everywhere they sell reptiles they have them. but uromastyx is a different thing. You can in general only find them at the bigger expo’s like Hamm in Germany or Houten in the Netherlands. I did see them in both expo’s. Or you have to look for a breeder in the neighbourhood but there are only few in Europe.

It think it’s good to decide which animal you want before you go to a shop or expo to get the animal. They really need a total different set up and total different care. They simply are very different animals. Moving an animal home is stressful for an animal so it’s best to have the setup ready so it can go in it’s enclosure immediately. Also, when you get your first reptile it always takes extra time to figure out how everything works and how you get the temps and everything correct. You don’t want to do that when your new pet is already sitting next to you in his tiny box. Also the price between the two is very different. The corn I have I bought for 10 euro. Uromastyx are at the minimum 150 euro. Price shouldn’t be the most important thing if you really love a type of animal but it is something to consider if you didn’t make a choice yet. Expo’s are also a good place to get an idea about what reptiles are possible and talk to breeders for info. The only risk is that you go home with an animal you were not planning for or are prepared for ( I’m guilty of that to).

One extra tip for expo’s like Hamm, bring cash money. Some sellers accept payment through PayPal or bank card, but a lot don’t. There is a atm in a supermarket nearby, but only one small one and don’t be surprised if others already emptied the machine.

Correction: I see right now that you live in Canada…then Hamm is really a little to far away :joy: but still, think before you go to buy which type you want and get everything ready before you get the animal. Maybe some clint Clint reptiles comparison video’s on youtube can help.

Good luck with choosing you new pet!!


The June show has been canceled.

Yea…it isn’t suprise :roll_eyes::pleading_face:

Indeed, was to be expected. Hopefully we can go in september or december. Still two chances left for 2020.

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That’s true :smile: all thumbs up!!

It looked at though they also were thinking September might be canceled. Not sure what is happening across the pond, but I hope its not!

I am telling you that here in Europe, every country has closed their boarders. This sooooo frustrating. I took my summer vacation to junes show time :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: you can’t meet over 10 people at same time, so everything is cancelled here also. I am glad that now we can move freely around the country, because government closed our capital for like 3 weeks.

But ofc this for the protection of the risk groups and healthcare system not to overload at same time. This is how we can provide care for those in need and keep death rates low :pleading_face:

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We just have to wait and see. Here in holland we don’t have a total lockdown. We are allowed to go out but are advised to stay in as much as possible. And if you go out we are not allowed to gather together in public and you have to keep the 1, 5 m distance from each other. Bar, cafe and cultural events are clossed down. Our prime minister calls it the intelligent lockdown.

In most of the countries the numbers of people going to hospital, on icu and death toll per day are going down so by now they are in most countries talking in opening up again, but it will be in stages, most likely with three weeks inbetween. So opening up a little, waiting three weeks to see the effect. If it goes well a little more opening up and the again three weeks waiting. That starting at about beginning may. So taking this in consideration if all go well big events like expo’s of the size like Hamm are still taking long before they will be possible, expecialy because the North Rijn Westfalen area where Hamm is in was one of the most and first infected region of Germany. In best case scenario if all go well, we are on step 7 of unlocking (7x 3 weeks) by the time Hamm is planned. If all really goes well, we might, but to be honest I’m really not counting on it. Just try to keep some hope, but I think december or even next year sounds more believable.

My main hope is that the economic effect of this lock down is not so huge that the whole organizing parties of these expo’s are going bankrupt and we lose the whole events for ever. There were allready some rumors before about Hamm closing down in the future due to stricter rules and regulations on reptile sales. I hope Corona didn’t give the event the finall blow.

As a employee of the social service department who is taking care of the emergency financial aid for people who lost their income because of the restrictions, I talked to so many people already who where literally crying on the phone out of the financial stress. Expecially people who are working in events marked are ssoooo worried because how can you ever organise a festival, expo, concert or anything like that in a 1,5 meter society? They will really be last in line in opening up.

I just pray we still have reptile expo’s like Hamm after this. But just keep hope going, on a vaccine or great medicine and a gouverment in being able to keep economy going, because Corona is here to stay.