Hamsters - the other whole prey

Hi all! I am posting this in boas as I keep more boas than BPs, but am at least considering them for BPs too.

I placed an order a while back with RodentPro than needed 10 or 15 bucks more to get free shipping, so I threw in some hamsters. Whichever is 50-75 grams per. I am curious what others experience feeding hamsters to boas is? I’ve looked around the internet and have seen mixed messages, including high fat content to high protein and nutrient percentages etc. I also wonder about the different consistency of their fur possibly contributing to digestive issues?

I figured I’d ask here as my Colombian would be the first to try them, tho down the line my boa sigmas could too, and this community has the most experienced people (breeders and keepers etc) anywhere on the internet as far as I can tell.

I’d rather diversify the diet with quail but they were out I believe at the time. Anyone have any experience? Any info on nutritional value compared to mice and rats? Thanks in advance guys.


I have not fed hamsters to any boas myself, but it appears RodentPro’s large hamsters (45-84.99g) are lower in fat and protein content when compared to their comparably sized small rats (45-84.99g). While their website doesn’t show any comparable sized mice, their largest mouse option (extra large, 30-45g+) has a protein content between the aforementioned hamsters and rats and a lower fat content than the others.


Idk if it matters, but the Hamsters I have are about XL Mice size but slightly bigger by weight, but more like Weaned Rats than Small Rats. Idk if being further into food rather than mother’s milk (for weaned vs small rats) has any barring on these stats or if hormonal development etc matters.


One of my boas apparently was raised on chicken drumsticks, I think as long as the size is appropriate you will be fine. Ive used hamster for some picky ball pythons but havent needed to use them for the boas because they will eat just about any dang thing I give them. Hamsters are a pain in the butt to breed relative to other prey items but Im a believer in the variety is best approach. Let us know if the hamsters end up turning into odd poops, I hate feeding mine birds because of that.


For many years back in the olden days hamster and gerbils were staple prey items before rats and mice became easier to acquire.


Thank you guys! I have only ever been involved with captive reptiles first briefly/more with gecko’s since I was a kid in the early 2000s and then later only ever hearing of people feeding their snakes rodents and maybe bigger stuff and sometimes birds and lizards. Interesting.

I’m defrosting and warming up a hamster now for my Colombian, hopefully he goes for it. He’s been weirdly confused before when I switch prey species so we shall see lol. I do hope he gets a little extra fat as out of all my snakes he could probably use it.


All of my boas were started out on FT mice and then switched over to rats as their staple diet. When one of my males quit eating for several months I tried the quail from Rodent Pro but he didn’t want any part of them. I don’t trade off because in my eyes “ if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”! Lol! But I recommend Rodent Pro for sure! :heart:


According to the chart above, there is not a big difference. Not enough for me to worry about.

Now, this chart (if it is their own making) would be passed on what they feed them. Changing food source would also change the outcome. Giving them the same diet may be the factor in this. Giving them different diets, could make this better or worse for either. (now this only matter if you plan on breeding yourself and not buying.)

I have only once given a BP a hamster. This was many years back and I know there was no issues, but once is not enough for long term data.


That all makes a ton of sense. Thank you for the input.

My Colombian boa went for it as he is a dumpster, even was more active than usual the next day (than he usually is after a meal) which seems like a good thing I suppose.

I def worry about changing pretty items for the BPs, tho have tried weaned Rats vs XL Mice, and may stick to the latter from now on til they can move to Small Rats only because of cost and size a small amount more varied-larger vs the weaned Rats. Honestly my Colombian may be at the point where a small rat would make sense anyway. But other than that i do want to vary diets if at all possible just to help with nutrition a little, especially the boas that get more varied diets in the wild anyway.

Thanks again!


No experience with hamsters myself, but my adult male BCI goes nuts whenever I get him some Guinea pigs!

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