Handling corn snake

So i got a snow corn snake a few weeks ago. When is the best time to start handleing her so she isnt scared to be handled.

I have read a few different things but they dont give me an exact answer.


Now is fine, you’ve let her settle in for a few weeks :blush:


Thank you i appreciate it i do my research before i get any animal but when it comes to the handling part some say when they are young is fine but others say when they become adults it more ideal


I own royals and always handle from day one myself. From babies.

A lot will say wait a couple weeks to settle first, if eating well and she’s settled in fine then nows ok to handle :blush:

She eats great and absolutely loves her home she is my first corn other wise i have ball pythons want to exand my types of snakes to where when i get a big enough place i can make a reptile sanctuary where i am at!


As long as she’s eating well for you, you can handle her anytime now. Usually it’s a good idea to give them about a week to settle in when they first arrive, but you’re well past that, so you’re good to go. As always, do give 2 days of no handling after feeding.


This is how I do it too!


And when you can we’d love to see some more pics :blush:

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Cute baby! I do just what Olivia and Riley do.

Your baby’s ready to get to know you in a new context. When you begin handling, don’t give up if she’s flighty or even nippy. Baby snakes are prey for a lot of things and are often defensive. (Don’t worry if she does bite. It doesn’t hurt. Someone once said it’s like being attacked by angry velcro.) At first, it’s a good idea to handle her on the floor or over a bed or large table in case she gets out of your hands.

Welcome to the hobby!