Handsome Dragon

Pants xmas…food poisoning…laptop died…(lost all my work) then the water tank leaked on electrics so we only have power in the kitchen. So extension leads EVERYWHERE.
All new animals due have been postponed…
Anyways this guy keeps me smiling (and a med increase) New laptop arrived today so all good


Very handsome indeed. A much under-represented species that deserves a little more love. Fabulous photo as always…


I always ALWAYS wanted a male. He was nipped as a baby and gifted to me by a lovely person. He is STUNNING even if not perfect to some


I love special little babies too! They have extra character! :wink: Here’s a pic I took of my little girl Pablo following her recovery from her enucleation surgery. She’ll be 19 in 2022, and her cyclopian status only makes her all the more special.

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