Hanging around with my boa Red

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some1 is going to say reds “about to constrict you” and go OMG IS SHE CONSTRICTING YOU?!
no, it is not it is just chillin

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Oops! Actually Red is a “he”, not a “she” and he looks a LOT larger in that picture than he actually is, but it was still probably very irresponsible of me to post that picture anyway. I apologize for giving ANYONE the idea to do this! My bad!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!:+1::wink:

oh no it was meant to be a joke lol haha

He’s a beautiful scarf!


Why thank you! Lol!

Oh ok! You surely had me fooled! 🫢🤣. That’s great to know!

Thank you!

I am getting ready for winter!! Lol! Thanks!

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And such a sweet sweet boy! Always has been from the start!

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