Happy 20th birthday to some of my leopard geckos!

A bunch of my leopard geckos (all girls) are turning 20 this year, so I thought I’d make a celebratory birthday post. :smiling_face:

In order: Pablo, Mew, Lucretia, Binky, and Veruca

I purchased Pablo, Mew, Lucretia, and Veruca at the same time as juveniles in 2003, and Binky as a one (or possibly more) year old in 2004. All 5 are girls. Mew and Veruca have both given me some beautiful grand-geckos.

Their individual stories


Pablo developed ocular xanthomatosis (eye tumor- I’m rusty, hope I used the correct terms) following a period of inappropriate diet. The short version of the story: I do not recommend feeding leos pinkies in most circumstances, and no more than 2-3 a year for breeding females. After it became apparent that she was in discomfort and had no vision in the eye, I took her to the exotics vet they saw in Portland, Avian & Exotic Veterinary Care.

After establishing that she was a good surgical candidate, we decided to proceed with an enucleation, removal of the eye. The area has a lot of blood vessels and there is potential for significant blood loss, so I brought two of my younger and larger geckos as blood donors. Luckily, Pablo did not even need a blood transfusion!

She recovered fantastically and is thriving! She is a total chow hound and always runs right up to the front of her enclosure every time I’m near, in hopes of getting a snack. Unfortunately, one of her favorite hobbies is pooping in her humid hide. Though it’s heinous to deal with, she’s worth it!


Mew is an incredibly sweet and gentle gecko. She’s always been an easy keeper, and you can practically see the frustration on her little face if she doesn’t get seconds during mealtime, haha!

Mew was also part of one of the most embarrassing mistakes when it comes to my geckos. I got my dates confused by 10 years, and bred her when she was ~16 years old (never do this!!!). :grimacing: :cold_sweat: Once I realized my mistake, she had already copulated, so there was nothing to do other than incubate and feel like a moron. I was extremely lucky, and she gave me 5 beautiful babies, 3 of which are Albey Snows! :blush:

However, the following year, she became egg bound. With her life at stake, surgery was the only option. Though helping a gecko recover from major coelomic surgery with a big ventral incision was much more difficult and nerve-wracking than I had anticipated, she pulled through! (Surgery again successfully performed by Avian & Exotic Veterinary Care.)

These days, Mew is actually doing incredibly well, she looks 5+ years younger following her ovariectomy. She also doesn’t have as much of an issue with weight gain. Something extra cute about her is that, despite having a pretty massive tub enclosure with lots of hides, she has a very strong preference for hanging out under a toilet paper tube. :joy:


Lucretia is a total nut. She once embarrassed the crud out of me by nipping me on the finger during a vet visit (this was before I went to veterinary school, so I was hoping to impress the vet) and somehow hitting a little artery, spraying blood everywhere. Didn’t really hurt, but I was mortified that a leopard gecko had nailed me in front of a veterinarian and made a bloody mess! Lovable, but definitely a cranky old lady!

She is generally a bit shy, and needs encouragement to eat adequately. She’s another stealth-humid-hide-pooper, so she also needs an alternative way to provide enough humidity. My solution has been to provide dollhouse-sized bathtubs with moistened paper towel in them for several of my geckos. Not as good as a true humid hide, but it does help a bit, and the ladies don’t poop in them.


Binky is a handful! During breeding season every year, she usually won’t eat. Leopard geckos can’t go as long as some other reptiles between meals, so I often end up having to syringe feed her. Her veterinarians and I suspect it is due to discomfort. We think that it’s possibly more exaggerated in Binky’s case because of what appears to be a retained, empty egg shell. (We took radiographs.) Because of her age and apparent lack of effect on her health, we decided not to pursue surgical options.

When I purchased Binky, she came as part of a trio (with Rasputin and Slinky, who predeceased her), and all had pinworms, which were just delightful to deal with. :nauseated_face: In general she’s pretty tolerant, but definitely opinionated.


Veruca is generally well behaved… except when I foolishly cohabbed her with my gecko Lemmy, who almost lost her tail! I’m not saying that cohabiting will always fail, I was just doing it in an inadequate fashion (this was 10+ years ago). She also gave me three beautiful grand-geckos, Alaska, Steve-O, and Terri (they predeceased her).

These days, Veruca is all about food. She’s a real couch potato, and I have to be mindful about the amount I feed her, as she’s another ‘easy keeper.’

I could tell a zillion more stories about each of them, but I figure that will do for now. Happy birthday to my five girls- congrats on making it through your teenage years!

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Wow! It’s so nice to know there are people who are giving their geckos prime care :grinning: Happy Birthday to all of them :joy:


That’s so amazing! Your sweet little girls are so blessed to have you as their mom! Thank you for sharing their stories! :blush::heart::lizard:


Happy birthday to ur geckos :tada:

They are super cute


What a fun thread! Happy birthday to your five!! It’s wonderful to read their stories. Your detail shows how well you know your animals. Along with the fantastic veterinary care, that’s the secret sauce in keeping them healthy for years and years. Congratulations to all of you!


Oh no! I was looking through some records and I realized that I forgot one of my girls that is also 20 years old! :woman_facepalming:

Happy 20th to Lemmy!

(edit: Lemmy is a Patternless Rainwater albino.)

Her story

Lemmy is named after Lemmy Kilmister, the late frontman of a band called Motörhead. That she was lemon-colored as a young’un was also a persuading factor. :lemon:

Lemmy has always been gentle and calm, like Mew. She also has the habit of sleeping in the area of her enclosure that offers the best vantage point to watch any activities going on.

When they were a lot younger, Lemmy and Veruca were cohabited for years… until they got in a fight and Lemmy nearly lost her tail! (Now all my adults live alone and they definitely seem less stressed.)