Hard to find morphs and hets

What morphs and hets have you noticed are hard to come by that you wish were more available? I noticed that het clown females are hard to find.

There are only 3 visual Clown females and 12 female hets in all of the UK.

Female hets range between £50 - £70
And female visuals between £230 - £275

Just some random info from the UK for you :grin:

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Het monsoon female is hard to come by and I would really LOVE one :heart_eyes:
Grim Reapers are another


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I see there are a few on the site. Does 66% het for VPI Patternless basically just a toss up if it actually pulls up to be patternless or not?

Yeah its basically if u wanna feel lucky and take a chance at proving her out or not. There is a 2/3 chance to prove, hence the 66%