Has anyone ever seen these before?

Hello everyone,
So recently after feeding, in the morning I would pick up my cresties food and find like little black dots/dot (sometimes one sometimes a few) and at first I thought they were just part of the food since I feed Pangea and it’s mostly based on fruit but looking closer it resembled mold and that my explain why this morning my crestie wouldn’t eat any of his food after further expamination I saw a huge black dot and am now worried…has anyone seen this before or expireinced this

before in Pangea gecko diet?? Or any other food?
Thankyou :slight_smile:

Is it just the food going bad? However I never leave the food out more than a night

How long has the packet been open and where is it stored?

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The packet is always sealed and it is stored in a container in the same room he is in

When was the packet opened?

Often gecko mixes have expiry dates once opened

Eg. Pangea has 1 year once opened if left in the fridge but is lower if left at room temperature

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It was opened About 7 months ago but I do have brand new ones
I will definitely check the expiration date…
Do you think it has gone bad?? Is that why it has the black dots?

So I just checked and most of my Pangea flavors will expire in 11 months…so I don’t think that is the problem

How long has it been going black? And is it just one pack that’s doing it

I checked my packets, Pangea only last 6 months once opened if kept at room temperature. So it’s possible that’s the reason. Have you tried one of your newer packs to see if they do it too?


Yes I just tried two of my brand new packs and they had the most black I have ever seen in any of them…here is a pic I got of it this morning
I just don’t know what the problem could be

It has been going black for about 2 weeks or so

Have you tried making the mix a little more watery? Not too much though. I only mention it as it looks dried out and you said you take it out the next morning so shouldn’t be dry.

What humidity do you keep the enclosure at?

Also where abouts is the food kept in the enclosure? Eg Up high or on the floor?


I tend to fluctuate between thinker and more waterier depending on what me cresties like
And it wasn’t as dry as to be hard just usually slightly more thicker by the morning
My humidity is usually kept between 48% and 82% more in the night time
My food is kept in the food ledge which is in the ground because my crestie prefers the ground rather then up high :slight_smile:

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Is it possible they have got something mixed in their food from the ground?

Might be worth keeping humidity higher during the day to see if that makes a difference, esp as Cresties don’t do well in humidity as low as 48


Also do you thoroughly clean the bowl each time you use it?


That is what I think happened beside I just switched to a new bowl and it has had zero black spots…Tysm so much for your help


Glad it stopped happening :relaxed: