Has anyone heard about the new species of Frog?

Apparently while aimlessly surfing the internet I came across an article talking about a new species of frog. According to the article this new frog’s closest known relative is the well known/common Australian green tree frog. It was found in the lowland rainforests of New Guinea. The article says it looks similar to the Aussie green tree frog except it has a chocolate brown coloration and has been given the scientific name Litoria mira.

My question is do you think it will end up in the hobby, if so when and if it does would you wanna have a chocolatey frog you can’t eat??

Oddly enough this article popped up while I was looking at the 7 day local forecast (I’m from Toronto Canada in case anyone was curious). I hate heat and I’m not liking the humidex values projected for June 5th/6th.


This is very interesting! Personally, I prefer either really bright frogs or really unique-looking ones like the mossy tree frogs, so this species probably wouldn’t be my first choice. That said, I imagine that it will probably end up in the hobby sooner or later, but I have no idea when :slight_smile:

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So far the only kinds of frogs that I would really wanna keep are dart frogs. But who knows this chocolate one might grow on me since the only thing I don’t like about darts is how small they are…I really wish they were like cane toad or pacman frog sized. A pacman frog sized dart frog would be amazing.

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These are awesome. I just looked them up and at first I wasn’t too interested in a brown frog but it is actually a lighter brown and it looks super cute. I would love seeing this in captivity and hopefully in the future there are some captive bred ones. I would guess that it would start coming into captivity at first for zoos in the next 3-5 years and then a few breeders will likely get some and the first captive bred frogs would be available in about 10 years would be my guess.

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