Has there been a Data Leak? (Not on our site) [DONE]

Has anyone else gotten this pop up, while logging onto the site? Has there actually been a data leak?

I have not received this.

I will make @john aware straight away.


I’m the meantime I strongly recommend changing your password to the site but not using that button - Do it manually in your account setting.


Thank you! I’ve done it. This is such an weird thing to happen.

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You are not getting that notification because this site was compromised(necessarily) i suppose it could have been but they likely would have found out by now. You are getting that notification because the password you use for your account here apparently is used on other sites you access, one of which had a data leak. As such that password has been exposed and is known to be attached to your accounts placing any website with which you use that password at risk. I have an old password that was also exposed that I only use for low risk non confidential info sites and every time I pop in that password I get the notification. You need to change that particular password on any and all websites that you use it.


I have a different password for every site I use. Its an interesting thing to occur lol.

My interpretation would be what @leatherneck_pythons said.


I use a different pass too, and use Last Pass as a password manager to keep it all straight (otherwise I’d go crazy!). Password managers are a godsend. (Also lets you use crazy-complicated passwords you’d NEVER remember.)


if that’s through google’s check, it could be any site where you use the same password that had a data leak, either way, the google data leak thingy isn’t super accurate

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