Hatchling Ball Python Enclosure Help

Hey guys! A new member to the website here. I owned a ball python about 5 years ago or so. I am looking into getting another one but I want to do a completely different setup. My idea is to get a 1 to 3 row rack that holds v70 tubs on all three rows. If I went with this idea, that huge tub is obviously too big for let’s say a hatchling. Do you guys think that if I put a divider in it to split it down the middle that a hatchling could be comfortable in one side of it? Provided that I have a hide and such for it? But the idea is that the animal could live its whole life in the same size tub and as it grows, I can remove the divider so it has room! I feel like this would be very effective if it’s a good idea. I don’t really see why not but I want your opinions anyway. Thanks!!

I should ask if you guys don’t suggest this, what very small rack systems have slots that accommodate anywhere from hatchlings to adult sized tubs? There is just so many options out there.

Depends what you consider hatchlings, how those hatchlings you will produce and have to get started yourself, something you plan on buying?

The most versatile rack that will accommodate hatchlings to smaller adults giving you a year or two depending on the animal’s growth before getting a V70 or CB70 is this https://www.reptilebasics.com/reptile-rack-systems/vivarium-electronics-ve-6-rack/

After that if you have money to invest you can invest in ARS or Freedom Breeder and configurate your rack as you see fit, levels for hatchlings, sub adults and adults.


Thanks for the link! That looks great actually since it can accommodate different sized tubs! The only thing is, I only want some pet snakes rather than small time breeding or something. 2 or 3 snakes so the 6 row system would leave a lot of unused space. I may have to just build my own rack to how I want unless some of these companies build to how the customer wants. 2 or 3 rows with the same versatility as the rack you linked would be epic. That’s why I was asking about the 70 tub housing a small snake because I’m only gonna have a couple snakes.

While I don’t usually recommend this as it’s pretty well known that ball pythons usually are less stressed/eat better in a smaller, tighter enclosure, I do put hatchlings straight into 41 tubs/29 gallon tanks. I also have only a few snakes and only have enough space for one rack, so I have a 29 gallon tank that’s use as my quarantine set up for any new snake. They hang out in there for a month or so for closer observation, and then regardless of size go into the CB70 tubs.
I personally have had absolutely no issues with feeding, however I also make sure the tank/tubs are full of hides, clutter, etc so they don’t feel stressed and exposed. If they were too stressed and having trouble eating I planned to partition the tubs so they’d be smaller, but never had to go that route

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That is what I planned on doing with mine if I went the 70 tub route. I’ve just never heard of anyone doing it before!

Here’s something I’ve done in the past facing this dilemma… Buy the CB70 rack, then house your babies in baby tubs with a lid inside those CB70s … with 1/3 the small tub over the heat panel and the rest off. So a tub in a tub lol

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Not a bad idea! Now just to find a lid haha

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I use these :+1: https://www.containerstore.com/s/closet/shoe-storage/our-shoe-box/12d?productId=10001753&theme=clear%20shoe%20box&pos=6

Fits my Animal Plastics rack as well and comes with a top for if you need to take them out.

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What is considerded a hatchling and when does she become a juvenile? Also clear vs solid color tubs, not in a rack system, just a tub with a locking lid, any suggestions?