Hatchling escapee

Hey y’all! Haven’t posted on here in a bit; unfortunately my post isn’t a positive one. I’ve slowly but surely been upgrading my hatchlings from the smaller tubs to what I’d consider a hatchling haven. Especially when I start getting them set-up as bioactives. Well out of my last three hatchlings I upgraded into said tanks I had one hatchling that wasn’t particularly happy with the new setup. They (Drip who is the hatch mate of drop) frequently would much rather sit in my hand then the new tank. Drip was fine with the set up for a couple of days… I’m not too positive on what happened but one of the thoughts that popped up was “Drip was getting very curious with the new space and got stuck at the bottom (I will link the container I am using for them I’ll have to edit the link in after this post. Link to container -
https://www.containerstore.com/s/storage/stacking-modular-storage/like-it-white-modular-drawers/12d?productId=10027797 ) Dropped her tail and found a way out. The problem with that is. They’re up off the ground by at least 3 ft. Which is somewhat bothering. But the worst part is. My house is huge. It’s a large ranch style meaning it’s all ground level. I normally keep my gecko room door closed at. All. Times. But me and my boyfriend went through that room up and over and couldn’t find her. I’m so worried for her, I’ve got my family looking at me, a grown a** women, bawling her eyes out on the floor; probably thinking to themselves"dang… at least the drawers are organized.” (Dark humor is a way of coping for me I apologize) but in all seriousness I’m absolutely losing my fing mind y’all. I’m going to put small bowls of food out tonight in hopes of her coming out!!! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Add- The container variety I use is Gray Tall Narrow


My goodness this is truly devastating news! I know how you must be feeling and I am so very sorry you are going through this!

I’m afraid I have no experience with lost geckos but I’m sure you will get some advice. Here’s the very best heart felt wishes that you will find the little one soon. :heart::pray:

@thisisblasphemy Rylee EDIT to add: Try not to blame yourself even though it’s easy for me to say because I’m not in your shoes, but you didn’t mean for this to happen and no one here will blame you either!


I very much appreciated you’re comment and hopeful wishes! I really hope she shows up too I’ve got a dimming and color changing ceiling fan light so I might try to sit in there on the lowest setting tonight but maybe I should put some of her decorations out near the food dishes… I might just do that maybe she’ll feel safer when notices her leaves… fingers crossed… toes crossed… I’m crossing everything I’ve got. :.)


Hey you better believe I am crossing every thing I have got too. You have a whole community here who will support you as well.

Don’t know if you saw my edit to my first reply……

Also maybe look a little higher than on the floor? :heart:


I’ll definitely need to bring my step stool into the room. I don’t have much horizontally higher up but I do have posters I was worried she might be hiding behind one of them. I’m definitely going to look. I’ll keep looking.



walked out of our room to go the restroom and found Drip on the floor. She didn’t protest much and when I attempted to pick her up she happily climbed into my hands up my arm and into the warmest part of my arm. Im thanking God I decided to walk outside the room at that time and I bet she was too. Fresh pangea and fresh water right away. Which she took while sitting on my arm. Now she’s a frog butt just like her momma but I couldn’t be any happier just to see her alive. :two_hearts:


Well this just blows me away with happiness Rylee! I am so so thrilled! What are the odds especially being in a large home like you are!

God is so good ALL the time! :heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray:


So glad you managed to find her :blush:


Im so glad you foind her. My boyfriend has a gecko he paid a pretty penny for and before we went to dinner he didnt close the door all the way. Came back from dinner and the gecko was gone. We searched a story house for 6 hours and couldnt find. That night we made a setup in tne middle of the floor, added food and water, and set up a camera. Around 2 am saw the gecko on the camera and quickly ran to catch him. Was so nerve wrecking so i know how you feel 🩷


It was a tad more nerve racking when she was a bit sluggish in the hospital tank but she very quickly perked back up! She’s been doing amazing since this. I couldn’t have asked for more out of the whole situation! Her little nub is already growing back in!