Hatchling feedling, any issues and how you over come them

My hatchling carpet python has not eatern since I picked her up (couple weeks) not majorly concerned just wondering if anyone has had any issues with feeding.


I know this works for some snakes, have you tried braining the food item? Or tried something smaller (if not offering pinkies already)? Or tried scented with chicken/tuna/lizard/ect? Or tried live?

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I agree w/ @meerkatlyndz, I’d try something smaller and live. Once the snake starts taking that readily then you can try to start feeding fresh pre-killed until you work it up to f/t.

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I might try a pinkie was offering fuzzy with skin ripped off nose. I’ll leave live as a last resort, probably try scented mice next, had them same sort of thing with one of my ball pythons now struggling to get her off live. To be honest shes looks in good health might still be unsettled. Think I was a little naive always thought carpets were dust bins from hatchlings, Cheers for responding. :beers:

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All the luck! Let us know how it goes.

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Skip the pink, that is too small a meal. Try a hopper mouse, that animal is more than large enough to handle one of those. Heck, even a small adult mouse would be no challenge. You can also try scenting with chick down, that work pretty well by all accounts.

I would not worry about trying live either, carpets are not a challenge to convert over to F/T

And I will again advocate checking out the MPR podcast :+1:t4:


Curious what your temps are, how much handling have you done in since your purchase?what size prey items have you tried? F/T? Was the rodent warm enough? Was it purchased from a breeder? Did they say what it was feeding on prior?

Beautiful Carpet though, nice score! Keep us posted on how it progresses…

Temps high 70s - 88 on hot spot, pinkies and mice (what are they fluffy never remember) purchase CPR and had a feeding record of pinkies and mice. I’ve assist fed cho cho trained her a pinkie and fluff. Think shed just a slow starter

just to add her tub is now in a separate rack/IKEA unit that holds 2 9L rubs. Didnt handle much maybe once or twice over the couple weeks. Going to leave her alone for a few week only to offer food, she looks in good health.


after almost 7 months of assisting shes decided to strike feed. Thank f**k!