Hatchling Hognose feeding tips?


I was just looking for a few tips on getting a hatching hognose to eat. She’s an axanthic female that I just got about a week and a half ago. She is currently in a 6QT tub with the warm side set at 88. Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned, but she is very tiny. about 6 grams when I first weighed her. She came from a pretty big chain breeder so I was not able to find out the last time she actually ate. I do have a 2.7QT tub I can move her into but I didn’t want to stress her out any more than necessary. So far I’ve tried putting her in a deli cup and leaving the pinky in the enclosure. Does anyone have any scenting recommendations to try? I’ve been using fresh trout for one of my pickier hogs and I have some random scents stored in my freezer lol

At 6 grams yes I would definitely move her to a 2.7 quart tub to give you an idea breeder use what is called pencil type tub.

The problem with hognose snakes are as followed

Sold too young with not enough meals under their belt because breeder are in a hurry :rage: and often kept in a much bigger environment than they would with the breeder.

Make sure your temperatures 78 to 80 on the cool side (80 being best) and 88-90 on the warm side.

Have half to one inch of aspen or coco coir

After give it 3 to 5 days to settle before offering food.

Offer as followed

Unscented Live pink

Scented live or F/T pink with the following in order

Vienna sausage


Chicken (from chicken in a can)

Hard boiled egg



If all fails than time for Micro Links

Do not use tongs they are often afraid of them and I do not recommend them until the animal is at least 15 grams, until than leave the prey on a piece of paper towel in the tub overnight.

Remember this is a very small hognose (out or the egg size) and you need to get it to eat fast)

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@stewart_reptiles Have you had good luck with microlinks? I’ve seen the name tossed around a bit but have not been able to dig up a whole lot of info about them.

I do not use micro links I have always had great success with my hatclhings using Vienna sausage, tuna and chicken, however I know people that had great success with those combined with their frog juice.

I use the frog micro links from reptilinks and they are amazing! I have literally never had them refused

I am using tuna juice with a picky Toffeebelly female, can i freeze the juice to use multiple times or is it best to use fresh each feed?

Freezing the stuff can actually make it smell better and more potent.

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