Hatchling ID input!

Hey all! We’ve got a couple of really challenging clutches to ID, so I’d absolutely love if anyone has any thoughts on morphs on these babies. This is our first time working with GHI and special. The pairing here was a bumble bee female x our GHI black pewter poss special male.

The whole clutch:



Closeups of some babies:



Apparently I didn’t get a good shot of the white/black spider yet - will add that later.


These are just guesses so take them with a bit of doubt.

Top left: Spider
Top right: Pastel Ghi

Mid left: GHI Black Pastel
Mid right: GHI killerbee

Btm left: Pastel GHI Black Pastel
Btm right: Super Pastel GHI Black Pastel

Top left is a Spider
Top Right is a Normal
Middle left is a BlkPastel GHI
Middle right is a SuperPastel GHI Spider
Bottom two are both SuperPastel BlkPastel, the left I believe has GHI

Post-shed pics would help with ID. Fresh out of egg pics are not as good because full colour/pattern has still not developed


Thanks for the input! I will definitely add post shed pics in a few days. Those bottom 2 are tricky, but I figure they look very similar to their father. :slight_smile:

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