Hatchling Milk Snake Enclosure Help

Hello! I am new to raising hatchlings so I need a little help.
For some context I am college student doing a research project on milk snakes(Lampropeltis triangulum syspila to be precise) and one of the snakes we have in our study laid eggs (we had no idea she was gravid until she laid them lol). So, we put them into incubation and all 5 eggs hatched!
Well, now we come to where I need a little help. I have been looking for a small rack system to get for the hatchlings but I can’t seem to find many small ones at all. I’m looking for a 5 or 6 tub rack for them, so do any of you have any suggestions on sellers who offer this? Or how to build my own if thats not possible?
I know what I need for them but I’m just not quite sure how to go about it.
Thanks in advance!

Picture of babies hatching for your viewing pleasure


Might be good to make your own, nobody makes baby racks for only a few snakes.


You might able to find something cheap that is used for shoe storage and fits some small rubbermaid/plastic storage bins on Amazon.


I don’t know baby bins, but came to say that if your research has anything to do with the tricolor mimicry you should totally contact Dr. Clint Laidlaw also known as Clint of Clint’s Reptiles on youtube. Besides educational videos he’s a phd and I know at one point he did some work on tricolored snakes, which he’d probably love to refer you to publications about!


Racks tend to be pretty pricey, plus I’m not sure that any of the commercial sellers make racks for just a few tubs (though I could be wrong, I don’t know much about racks).

Unless you’re planning on breeding more snakes and raising more hatchlings in the future, it would probably be more cost-effective to just get some appropriately-sized tubs with securely latching lids that stack.


Nah, my research is on the digestive effciency of the syspila subspecies, thank you though for suggesting him! I’ll have to go check him out.


@jawramik The stackable tubs are a great idea but how would you handle the heating?
I am interested in this myself……. :thinking:


I’d probably just attach heat mats to the sides of the tubs. :person_shrugging:

Or you might be able to make it work if you just put heat mats between the tubs, so one heat mat heats two tubs at once (one with heat from the top and one with heat from the bottom).

But I feel like putting the heat on the sides would be much safer and give you more control.