Hatchling Only Eating Every Other Week - What to Do?

Sorry for another feeding question, just hoping for some advice or to see if anyone else has had a similar issue to overcome. I have a hatchling that for the first 4 weeks fed great on frozen thawed for me. Then she had trouble shedding and I gave her a bath. After that she’s been on an every other week routine for eating. This week I moved her to a rack system so I guess I will see if this helps in the long run. First feeding last night she did not eat however…

Some Info:
Temps: about 75 cool side and 87 warm side
Enclosure: 15 quart tub with water dish, hide on warm side, and 12" fake plant. She is on paper towels.
Snake Size: about 108 grams
First few weeks she ate frozen thawed hopper mouse and then rat pups but then I went back to hopper mice as this was what the breeder fed her initially. Thought the rat size may have been too big after she refused a couple. She recently refused a hopper mouse though too.
I have been trying to keep handling to a minimum - only removing her if she needs a cage cleaning.

The breeder said it was a struggle to switch her to frozen thawed but she did accept it several times from them. She always strikes and constricts the prey when I offer, but she decides to eat only every other week now. She constantly slithers around the tub up until feeding day so she seems to be hungry but just doesn’t eat each week.
So what I’m wondering - Is this semi-normal for hatchlings? I haven’t noticed anything amiss when looking at her, but I’m wondering if a vet visit would be needed? I believe my temps are okay but I read the topic on switching to the 6 quart tub until she’s solidly eating and about 200 grams. I’m debating trying that here in another couple weeks if she still isn’t feeding weekly for me, but I was hoping for advice from more experienced keepers.
Any thoughts/tips are appreciated! If more info is needed please let me know- just want to get this girl feeding regularly!

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Maybe go back to live for a little while? If she’s already at 108 grams she could probably eat a small-medium mouse, so I’d give that a try


New owner with non feeding hatchling, troubleshooting 101 :wink:

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Okay. In the back of my mind I was thinking I may have to try that. My other ball pythons have all switched easily even when they were her size. Figures I would finally get one that’s a bit picky haha.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks for the link! I had skimmed that article. Thinking about just switching her over to a smaller home like that suggested to see if I can get her on track.
Appreciate the replies!


As an alternative perspective… If your animal is comfortably and regularly eating every other week, then why not just feed it every other week? :man_shrugging:t4:

Hatchling through adult, I only feed my animals every other week. They are happy, they are healthy


That is a solid piece of advice right there. Also it can help to retain muscle over fat build up.

Thank you for that thought! Sometimes the simple solutions escape me haha. I notice she is slowly gaining weight so as long as she is doing well I’m going to keep her on the every other week routine.
Thanks again for replying!