Have you used or heard of any sites for selling pet snakes?

Hi there! Have any of you found success selling a snake on an online marketplace? I’m looking for advice on how to sell my Brazilian Rainbow Boa. I don’t want my BRB ending up with someone inexperienced… When I do a web search for “how to sell my snake” I get some variation of “Post it on Craigslist” however I’m not comfortable with that! How do I know my boy, Manchu, will go to someone experienced and prepared to care for him? I’d rather a site dedicated to buying/selling reptiles. Does a marketplace for reptiles exist? Or do I need to go the Craigslist/angieslist/gumtree route? To be clear, nothing is wrong with my rainbow boa: he is a beautiful healthy 13yo male with an inquisitive and tolerant disposition. I have to downsize significantly and move into less-than-ideal accommodations and won’t be able to care for him like he should be cared for. I love him so much and want to find the best home for him! Suggestions would be welcome


First off, welcome to the community! As a matter of fact, If you head over to MorphMarket (the marketplace side of this site), you could post him up for sale/rehoming there.

You wouldn’t have to pay for a membership plan since you’re just looking to sell the one currently, although I don’t know what the price of a BRB is going for, so you might just have to indicate in the description of the snake how much it’ll be.

I understand wanting to make sure it goes to a good proper home. I’ve had good luck selling my snakes on MorphMarket , and I’m sure many others have as well!


Thank you for the warm welcome! Good to be here, and that is Excellent information!

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