Having some questions about paradigm

I got a baby boy paradigm jungle motley. I really love his color but I also have some problems about these albino…I only know paradigm is BWC plus sharp,well but what r paraglow,paradise and prodigy,r these also cross albino?


This little fellow doesnt looks like his brothers,hes a bit darker,is that because of motley?


Im a keeper in mainland China,I wonder how do others discern jungle and labyrinth,I only know one guy who has a vpi sunglow labyrinth in china,not too much people can afford these beautiful boas,still we could only produce fire yet and some simple genes like vpi img or vpi az,but the price is high too.A img can cost 8kRMB here,which r those looks too much like the normal bci


Welcome to you @liuky and so glad you found this family forum which is now your family forum! It’s just so awesome that even though we are literally thousands of miles apart we are conversing on this forum!

I am in Franklin IN. USA. I am also a keeper. Unfortunately you will probably need a boa breeder here to answer your question and there will be someone who will come along with information for you!

Again it is great to have you here @liuky! :pray::blush:


thank u谢谢你


The Paraglow Boa, a.k.a T+ Sunglow (Hypo Paradigm)

Sharp/Prodigy = The “Paradise Boa”

Kahl strain albino and Sharp strain albino.

I know when you breed a Sharp albino to a Kahl albino you will produce all normal looking babies. However, all babies will be het for one of the two albinos. So there is no way to know for sure what albino gene you have in any of the babies. Until you breed them.

I know a lot of breeders are adding VPI albino to other albino stuff now. I don’t know a lot about VPI yet. But it’s not compatible with Kahl or Sharp. So, to make something visual, both parents would have to be a albino Kahl and VPI albino to make something with both genetics.

Hope this helped a little for you. And welcome to MM. Like your little guy, he looks good. I have a few motley jungle myself. All mine are the Kahl strain albino.