Head tilt on cresties?

Breeder is selling this Gecko, saying it’s a Lilly white. Also saying it’s pet quality due to a head tilt it was born with? Thoughts on this and what this could mean for the gecko?


It’s a lovely phantom Lilly with Dal spots.

But I’m lost, where’s the head tilt?…


That’s the part I’m confused on as well. They’ve got it listed as a probable female, and asking $300 for it, which doesn’t seem like a bad price honestly for it. But I’m not seeing a head tilt, and unsure what they even mean by head tilt

That’s going price atm, and even cheaper too (I’m in the uk though)

If unsexed too, and probable female doesn’t mean 100%. Which with lillies and especially that size you should be able to tell easy.

I’d ask about the tilt.


Yeah I’m lost on head tilt. I’d ask more questions about what they mean. I agree when should be able to sex now but they may not be that experienced, so covering themselves.

Let us know what they say and maybe we can help further?

Plus I’m curious

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For those of you that breed and know what to look for, how does head structure and everything look? I’m waiting on some info about lineage and also more info on the head tilt issue.

The fact she has spots would be a no from me personally.

Phantom lillies are a fav of mine and she is something I’d go for, minus the spots :black_heart:

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Unfortunately the guy just said he got her from an expo, doesn’t know lineage and the breeder had it marked as “pet quality” due to the head tilt… not sure that that really helps at all

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Are you looking for pet only?

If I’m honest, would be a no for me as I also don’t want spots. Head structure looks small, I would be looking for big head structure, without lineage you won’t know if it might improve plus lowers value when no lineage. But I’m looking from a breeding perspective.

I bought Geckos from an expo recently, I got the lineage.
Was shown there & got info when I emailed them a few days later. Maybe they can give you the breeders info or contact them for you.

I can’t see any visible signs of the Gecko being unhealthy in the pictures, you might see more if you see it in person or have a video if you can’t see in person?

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