Header Icons Missing [1739] [DONE]

So I have looked around MorphMarket and upon bring up the homepage I noticed this

Is the same after a reload of the page on Safari iPhone 7

It does even occur within categories

Also within specific things with in the “other” categories

Here it is for you, @eaglereptiles

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It works fine for me on a computer so it must be a mobile problem. Does anybody else have this problem when using a phone?

Besides me I know it’s still happening on my end.

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I’m having the same issue as well, using Firefox on an iPhone 12 Pro


Thanks for this Riley :blush:
I’ll get this looked into.

Are you still seeing the same issue now?

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I’ll say that I’m no longer having the bug. Haven’t done anything different either!


Still here

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@lumpy, thank you for reporting this. We did change something with the icons and released it yesterday, to improve the PWA. Clearly we introduced an intentional intermittent problem.

Does swiping down to reload the page change anything?

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No it does not