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I brought home a new snake Friday, When I got her home she yawned out of the container. I was concerned and watched and listened to her and didn’t think much of it. I offered her food Sunday and she took it. When I got home from work today I noticed she was keeping her head up, and everyonce and awhile she had a noticable breath noise,. I heard it twice in about 5 mins. I called the reptile vet near me, who will be there Wednesday. I gave her about a 6 min fogging of F10,. I heard her being up and down means she could be deep into it. I don’t see drool or bubbling,. She yawned once today but it’s not Everytime, she’s not gurgling with every breath. She took her food last night,. But is holding herself up, I plan on giving her a F10 dose before I go to work in the morning. And once a day from here on. Im planning on paying for the vet to talk to him and everything. Am I over reacting am I doing the right thing. Thanks.

I would be very careful with treating and animal which means putting it under extra stress without proper diagnosis.

Treating just because is never a good idea and can sometime do more harm than good.


Ok yeah,. And with just feeding I didn’t want to stress her and she’s new. Im just stressing her. I will wait till Wednesday to drive her somewhere and stress her out. Lol. Ive read into health issues and treatments but seeing it is different. I feel like a bad keeper today, I need to just chill sometimes. Thanks again Stewart

The vet gave me two seperate injections for her. He recommended the shot over oral medication. He scolded me for attempting to treat her without guidance. As he should, It’s hard to justify paying for a vet for more than a snake was , but then I shouldn’t own that snake at all if I’m not willing to invest in it’s health and well-being or any animal. It never was about money eitherway I just thought I knew better and don’t. I should of noticed the signs when I picked her up. This could happen to any snake I bring home or own. I’m pumping the brakes as we speak. Poking a needle into my snake is no fun and I was unprepared for this aspect of keeping. No new snakes, or lizards until I feel comfortable with the downside of keeping or better prepared against it. Later on.

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Did your vet do a culture if so what were the results?

Two shots is not gonna cut it for a RI, a RI when properly diagnose with a culture which helps determine what type of RI you are dealing with and what antibiotic is better suited (no all ri are the same) should be treated for no less than 30 days.

The cultures tend to be rather pricey, and aren’t always an option for people. A lot of vets will give general antibiotics that usually treats RIs effectively in most cases if you can’t afford a culture right then. If improvements aren’t seen in around 2 weeks then a culture is best done.

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Due to the quarantine I only talked to him on the phone while he looked at her. He suggested I could do a panel but suggested the shots saying it could take 30 days to show results. Can I take a fecal sample for the panel or is it more of a swab they need for that? The meds cost me around 50 with an emergency visit of 100. I’ll pay to know she’s good and That I could eventually add her in to my collection.

Once you have started meds you have to have them off meds for around a month(at times) so a culture can be done. Antibiotics interfere with the results. This is why if you don’t see any improvement/worse symptoms in 2 weeks a culture should be done.

Ok,. Well fingers crossed. I will pay for a panel up front next time,. I would rather know what we’re treating rather than just trying to treat a broad spectrum. Her sysmtons have been minor, I hope she pulls through. Thanks.


It has only been a short time and only a few injections since taking her to the vet but she is showing signs of improvement. She is elevating less. I’m finding her using the heat spot a little more. She gave me a good clean hiss yesterday with no phelm sound. She’s flicking her tongue as normal. The only problem is she has skipped eating and it has been two weeks, I brained the prey today to no avail. I know the shots every three days are stressful, just hoping she comes around sooner would like to get some weight back on her before that becomes a problem. Vet check-up in a week.

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Beautiful snake. Snakes can go longer then 2 weeks without eating. As long as she doesn’t start loosing weight, she could probably finish up her shots, wait a week to de-stress and then eat with no harm.

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