Heart attack when bathing BP

I was giving my BP Akira a bath because he decided to sit in his poop (again) and he had drank a bit of water when soaking. I picked him up after he was done drinking, sat him in a towel and carried him back to my room. Picked him up from the towel to put him back in his tub and he regurged water on me. Has anyone else had this happen or heard of it happening? Should I be concerned if he is sick or did I just scare him?

The pressure on his full gut from being moved around likely made him uncomfortable so he expelled the water. I would not stress over it, just keep an eye on him and if it becomes a regular thing then get him to a vet


You don’t need to bath your ball python at all, just clean the water and let him hang out in his water bowl at his own leisure.

Ball pythons do not like to be forced into bath tubs etc.

They only need to be cleaned when applying medical stuff for burns, bites etc or when clearing out ticks/mites

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I was getting him rinsed off because he had feces on himself. I just let him move around in the bathtub with shallow water (not deep enough to actually swim) and a rock (for security) to get it off him. I didn’t actually bathe him like you would a cat or anything. I have never seen him in his water bowl, so I know he wouldn’t get it off himself. Don’t want dried poop and pee on him for any amount of time.


I’ve seen one of my Kingsnake do it once. He was alone in his enclosure. He was fine though. Haven’t ever noticed it again since.

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