Heat panel need advice

What Watt heat panel would I need for a 90 degree hotspot

That depends on a bunch of variables. Size of the enclosure, height at which the panel will be mounted, room ambient temp, enclosure material. For example, I used 28 watt radiant heat panels in 2’x18"x12" exo terra front opening enclosures quite well. Also used them in Vision 221 enclosures. They would provide a hot spot in larger enclosures also but wouldn’t put out enough to help with the ambient heat.

A 40 watt panel is what I use in most of my 4’ enclosures, but only if they are 12" tall. For taller enclosures I have to go larger, or provide a raised place for the animals to be able to bask.

So what are you looking to house, and what size and type of enclosure are you using? Also what is the ambient for the room you will be keeping the enclosure in.

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It’s a 4x2x2 my ambient temperature is about 72 and there is raised basking spot for a juvenile corn snake

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I’d go with an 80 watt, it’ll provide a decent amount of heating but definitely will require the raised area to achieve the hot spot temp you want. You could also contact pro heat with your enclosure info and they’ll give you the model through them you’d want.


Thank you :heart:

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I use 80 w in all my 4x2x2s