Heat recommendation for glass enclosure

what do you you recommend for heat in a glass terrium for a ball python

The most efficient for a single glass tank would be a UTH combined with a reliable thermostat.

thank you for the info

I have a heating mat on the bottom of the tank. It’s covered by about 1.5 - 2 inches of substrate and it doesn’t go above 92 degrees. I also have (i think) a 60 what che for over the hot side. Here’s what my setup looks like, and it’s a 20 gallon :slight_smile:

Nice setup! I assume the sheets of material on the top are for maintaining humidity. What are they made of?

It’s just aluminum foil :joy: @westridge

I have heard that adding just some small rubber “feet” along the outside bottom of a tank can help a heating pad not overheat even if your thermostat were to stop working. Just allows a little air to circulate under the heating pad and prevent over heating. I said before I like your setup looks nice.

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I currently have rubber feet on a temporary setup for my bamboo that came in yesterday. FedEx decided they wouldn’t even attempt delivery of my rack system, so I had to go out and do a makeshift enclosure!

I’ve found my ball wants heat from above more than she likes it from below. I have two small mats (set to different Temps to help with gradient) but the main source is a large heat emitter from above. I used to not have it but then she got restless and sorta get reluctant to eat (though has never refused to eat). So the lamp was added. Course mine is in like a 40 gallon or larger tank so keeping humidity and heat can be difficult.

I have a heat panel I was eventually gonna use instead of the lamp but waiting for the bulb to go out. Also not heat related but just cause it’s in the Pic to the left inside the tank is a small personal humidifier that runs on a 4 to 6 hour cycle once a day or as needed.

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