Heat Source For Ball Python

no! not at all. PVC tanks are very good for ball pythons. Just have a slate tile under the heating and it will act as (In my opinion the best) belly heat for your snake. I actually really like this style of heating as that is how snakes utilize heat in the wild, by sitting on a warm area that was heated by the sun.


PVC enclosures with overhead heating are great options! Even if they don’t need overhead heat/light to survive, they certainly seem to enjoy it and can be seen out and basking in the early morning and evening hours.

One of my friends has a really cool setup where they programed a Raspberry PI to simulate a night drop in temps where the heating is turned down and the lights are turned off around 8PM, and then the heat is gradually ramped up and the lights turn on around sunrise time. It’s incredible to watch how their ball python has formed a schedule based on the heating/lighting, she can usually be seen out basking in the morning before heading into an underground buried hide around 10/11AM


I like to thank everyone for all the good information that y’all said.