Heating Advice

I have a 36x18x18 pvc enclosure with a 40w Radient heat panel. I can not get the hot side to reach desired temp of around 90. It’ll get to 86 at the most. So I was thinking I could raise the hot side from the bottom by buying some flat stones from Lowe’s maybe so that it would raise the ground closer to the heat. Would this work? It’s either that or I will have to upgrade my heat panel and see what Pro Heat products suggest for me. Also the gradient seems fine. The cool side of the cage is 79 or 80 so that’s perfect as of right now but I’m worried that it’ll drop once it’s starts getting colder out.

The height is why you aren’t attaining the desired floor hot spot. In all of my tall enclosures I put a shelf or stand beneath the heat panel so there is a spot that is my desired temp. Be careful putting any large heavy stones in the enclosure if they aren’t secured, they can end up injuring your animal if they are put on bedding rather than a stable solid surface. I do like the idea of using stones beneath the heat panels though, they are a great heat sink where the animals can soak up the belly heat while receiving the radiant heat from above.


Yeah I didn’t realize it was gonna be a problem until it was too late unfortunately. I kinda just moved all the substrate and laid the stones down, and then covered it up so it looks like a hill. I was hoping the stones would soak up some heat too.