Heating and lighting question for a Beardie

I just upgraded my fiancé’s Bearded Dragon’s enclosure to a 4x2x2 Zen Habitats enclosure…but ran into a snag with heating.

Currently we have a CHE (I use this for general heat since my apartment gets to around 66 at night…)set to 85 (day time) and 72 (night time). But the 100 watt basking bulb is not getting the basking temp to 100+, it’s staying fairly consistent with the CHE.

Both the CHE and UVB tube (Reptisun 10.0) are set up inside the enclosure. Basking light is set on top of screen, should I consider moving the basking light inside the enclosure to see if the temp will increase, or should I try a high watt flood light with a rheostat?


A 100 watt basking bulb is just not powerful enough. Switch to 150 watts.