Heating room with oil radiator?

It’s about that time of year again. I need to break out the heater to keep the ambient temps up to spec. I’m probably going to stick the heater in the middle of the room with a fan for some air circulation. Where would be the best place to position the thermostat probe? I was thinking against the wall but was wondering whether anyone had other suggestions?

I remember @stewart_reptiles mentioning in another post that oil heaters were industry standards to heat rooms so I think she could help you out as far as setting up where to put the heater, probe, and all that jazz. I personally dont have a fan running in my room during the colder months but if you have your room somewhere in a place like a basement or garage then I would have a fan running because air usually tends to just sit there in my experience.

My probe is actually handing from the ceiling obviously not above the heater but about 4 feet from it.

I do not use a fan to circulate the air and my main snake room is 220 square feet.

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I’m personally using an oil heater but I was looking into a Vornado Heater with Climate control . Keeps the air moving a little which was a problem before I turned that room into what it is now. I closed the registers in that room and my quarantine so I can regulate without the air handler. My probe was hanging from the ceiling about 5ft from the ground. Keep in mind of the rating if using a external thermostat to run a heater on something that’s going to burn out or not work.

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