Heating Suggestions For Rosy Boa

So I specialize in breeding snakes found in the Southwestern U.S., so naturally I’ve been thinking about expanding into rosy boas but I’m a bit conflicted on whether or not I want to keep them in tubs. I’ve heard they’re a basking species that prefers over head heating but I know there are some people that keep them in racks. Could someone please ease my confusion so I know whether or not I can keep them in racks or if I should get some pvc enclosures. @rmleone I know you keep rosy boas so maybe you have something to contribute.

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I just use tubs with a bottom heater since they are a ground species. I keep a temperature gradient of 85 on the warm side to about 75 at the cool end.

My male limburg coastal is typically in his hide but will come lay in the open near evening. I made the mistake of using a clear tub, but fixed this by installing privacy curtains.

Eventually i will move him to his larger enclosure but will use privacy curtains on that as well.
As this is a ground species the best heat for them is UTH. They don’t really need basking heat or special lighting.

I believe you have gone bio with some of your geckos? Im not sure the route you want to take with the rosy. Bio requirements for a rosy would be different than if you just used tubs or pvc etc. I only have bio experience with amphibians and small reptiles.

For my 1st snake the rosys have been really easy to care for, after i got over my 1st time snake mom anxiety. My rosy eats like a champ never misses a meal. I believe he is happy in his tub.

The biggest help was from everyone here as the internet is full of contradictory information and dome of it possibly unhealthy.

I honestly believe that this species wouldn’t benefit from overhead heat. Because a good 80-90% of the time my rosy is hiding not out in the open. This species is also mostly nocturnal so even if they were out in the open in the wild they wouldn’t get as much overhead heat as they would from the rocks that absorbed all the daytime heat.

I hope this helps somewhat. Im sure you will enjoy Rosy boas they are really great snakes.


Thank you, that is all very helpful. I will consider this all when I eventually get rosy boas. It’s pretty much a coin toss at this point whether I get Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes or rosy boas next so I’ll either be expanding into rosy boas in the near future or a long time from now. Haven’t figured all of that out yet.