HEEEELLLPPP! My green tree is acting weird

My green tree python has always been up on its wood posts that go throughout the enclosure. Added moss the the bottom a couple weeks ago and this morning it buried into it. Is this normal? Temps 90-95 degrees on hot side and 80-85 on cool. Humidity is at 85-90 percent. Eating normally once a week. Snake is about a year old.

First bit of advice I will offer is that your temps are too high. That could be contributing to part of it. A second factor could be that the animal feels too exposed and now that it has something to hide in it is seeking the only cover available. And lastly, it is possible it is approaching a shed and is seeking a little extra humidity


They are known to stay up in the air and coil up around the perch. She just shed a week and a half ago.

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Having a 17 year old chondro at home, I would dare say I am quite aware of how they behave and I applied that knowledge to answered your question. You are more than welcome to ignore my advice.


I would agree that those temps are too high and thus snake is trying to cool off.


In my experience Chondros prefer an average temp of around 84 degrees. In 24 years of keeping them I’ve never offered a hotspot higher than 86 but your conditions may be much different.