HELLLP CoCo CHANEL got out of her tank today

Chanel got out of her tank at some point today I’ve looked everywhere she popped the clip which I don’t even know how I looked everywhere I could think of in my boots in the closet under the bed in the box spring there’s air ducts that go down into the basement I went down and yanked them all out from end to end also pulled down all the drop ceilings in the basement to see if she was up there and I also pulled down all the insulation so I just had open beam and I can’t find her anywhere. I’m going out of my mind cuz I love that snake and it’s never happened to me before ever I don’t even know how she popped it they’re heavy duty


Try leaving out some warm and cool hides, try and scent things with whatever they’re eating, all over the house. Double check everything, and make sure you clean everything up because I’m sure all the dust from the insulation would make it hard for them to breathe. Good luck


One thing you also try is to sprinkle flour around the doorways to see where she might be headed or even is.
I hope you’re able to find her soon.


I completely understand how you feel my snake got out of the tank when we were on vacation it is very hard to track them down but my belief is it will turn up so unfortunately we have guinea pigs Rex my snake was out for about two months and one day my son woke up and he was sitting in the guinea pigs cage did not eat the guinea pig but was preparing I guess so it’s really just a waiting game some of the other ideas that The others had a great Ways also it’s like Trial and Error but it is not gone far it is in the house in a place that you would never look They do not go far from where they eat just thought I would give my story I hope you find your snake

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Oh my. I am sorry to hear you have an escapee. If you have any other pets in the house pay attention to their behavior. They will almost always seek warm areas. Check any warm spots, and under appliances such as Refridgerators, Dryers, etc. Look for places at ground level where she may crawl under. They rarely will be up high anywhere. Be observant and patient. If no signs of her in a few days you can try leaving a meal out for her, or if you can close off areas with doors I would do that. It is easy to panic, but chances are she has not traveled very far, so remain hopeful. She will move at night if at all, so maybe when the house is dark search areas quietly with a flashlight.

Good luck!

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