Hello ALL, Long Time Lurker Here

After years and years of loving the reptile community I can longer stay a lurker, lol. Caught the python paint job craze about 4 years ago. I produced a few clutches in 2018, but 2019 has been an awesome year for me and the odds were on my side.

I love IG and I share on there as well… the_odds_life

The support from the community is awesome and I am glad to be a part!

A few of my best animals from 2019 so far (some keepers and some soon to be listed here) are as follows…

5 Scaleless of different combos (worlds 1st first Lori Scaleless?)
Leopard Highway
2 Leopard Spark Gravels
Leopard Enchi Super Gravel (worlds first?)
Pastel Enchi Gravel
Banana Fire SH
Banana Fire OD SH
Pastel Butter SH poss fire
Lori Fire OD
Leopard Specter Gravel (worlds 1st?)
Pastel Leopard Highway
Pastel Leopard Gravel
Pastel Banana Pied
GeneX Het Pied
Black Pastel Banana 100het Pied 100het Ghost

I am having so much fun seeing what is produced and playing the odds game.


Welcome to the community @nateharman! Glad to have you apart.

Just found your instagram and am gonna follow. The lori scaleless is BEAUTIFUL! :open_mouth:
I love all the pics of your snakes, and look forward to following your future clutches!


Wow, nice collection! :heart_eyes: You’ve produced some really awesome combos. Great to see someone working with spark, specter, and gravel. I feel like those morphs don’t get as much attention as they deserve. I followed you on IG, looking forward to seeing more pics from you!


Thanks guys for the kind comments, much appreciated!