Hello All! New Ball Python Owner

I just recieved my first ball python after years of research, and promised one of the frequent posters here I should introduce myself once I got my special gal.

I’ve done quite a bit of research, but can always take pointers or information from other Royal lovers. I’ve stalked the forums alot as well. Anyway enough talking of me lets get to the interesting subject my new little Enchi Stinger Bee, As soon as I opened her box I was in love, as of now shes in her enclosure getting used to it, so no more hands on for at least a few days, more likely a week at the least.

She did a lot of looking about her enclosure until she decided to go into her little rock den/hide.

here are some images of her, she doesn’t have a name yet, and I’m contemplating giving her an african name, but nothing is set yet.


Oh my goodness she is lovely! I especially love the second picture with her little face peeking out! I don’t know how much more precious she could be! When you decide on a name I would like to hear it! Congratulations and welcome to the world of ball pythons! Any and all questions you may have will happily be answered here! And more pictures as she grows please!!!

Best regards!

Caron. :blush::heart:


Oh I definitely will be posting more pics especially when i can hold her when shes more comfortable with all the new stuff :slight_smile:


Yes it is wise to let her settle in quietly and not stress her. Sometimes that’s hard to do however! Lol. :snake::blush:


Welcome to the community @firemoon! What a beautiful little noodle you picked up!
Love all the greenery you put in her enclosure, she’s gonna be one spoiled snake :heart_eyes:


She’s so pretty! Don’t be surprised if you like her so much that you suddenly get 10 more! I might be projecting a little, haha. My first one was kind of like eating only one chip in the bag…I had to have more! Congratulations!


Welcome @firemoon !
Good looking little one you picked up.
As @gina5678 mentioned, it’s pretty easy to start with one and before you know it, you’ve got 16 .


Thank you all, I found her today in her hot hide, there is a tiny opening at the top of it, since its hand made i could use my phone light to find her, I also used the Ir gun on the bit of her body I could see, and it was reading at about 84, 85F I think this is a good temp? on top it gets to 88, 90f and I really dont want to risk burning her.

one tiny leaf on her plant read as 98f, its a silk plant so I think wouldn’t hold that temp long enough, but should i trim off that leaf, or is that one bit getting that warm an issue? Anytime I’ve seen her up there her gets her body pretty much fully on the surface of the stone and under the leaves, but I just wanted to know your guy’s thoughts on said leaf, everything else pn her basking point reads 84 to 90.


To me you might be overthinking it about removing the leaf. Imho, when you offer her food and she eats it, then you will be assured that her temps are good. When she keeps on eating consistently her temps are consistently good. When she has a full shed with no help/problems you will know your humidity is good. At that time you should be able to relax a bit. Just don’t stress out and start changing things before you give her a chance to let you know something is wrong.

And you have a wonderful whole family here to reassure you and answer any questions you can possibly think of! :heart::blush::sunglasses:

Alright, I thought it was over thinking, but I do have anxiety, luckily I know I have this so I know not to react right away and see how it plays out, or ask people who know :slight_smile:

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Yay! Sounds like a plan to me!!! :+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::lizard:

Update on my pretty gal.

I was starting to get worried about her not eating, its been two weeks, though i know this is nothing to worry about especially since I’m trying to switch her to F/T

Well I noticed shes in blue… no wonder shes refusing, guess my first event will be a shed crosses fingers hope it all goes well, I made sure to up her humidity.


SHE SHED! it was a nice full complete shed, including eye caps and tail tip, now back to seeing if she will eat, have a F/T mouse thawing in the fridge.

I’m saving the shed to see if i can make a little pendant, I think it would be interesting to make a new pendent for every few sheds to see how the scales end up sizing up as she gets bigger.


And just now she ate, that or she moved her f/t mouse into her hide, I’m going to go with she ate it.

anyway, when would it be safe to check to make sure she actually ate and didn’t just pull it into her hide? I know I shouldn’t hold her until shes eaten a few times in a row, but I just want to make sure she ate the mouse and didnt just move it.


For checking and cleaning, it is fine to hold it. It is not like you are playing with it. You should definitely check to make sure it was eaten.

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Alright thanks, I only had a rather bold corn snake, and a small group of Garter snakes before this girl.

I just didnt wsnt to risk her regurgitating.

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You are such a wonderful first time BP parent! :blush::heart::+1::snake:

I’m doing my best, I’m just super happy she ate her first F/T mouse lol she was on live before I got her.

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