Hello. Another “what morph is this?”

Hello all. Thanks so much for having me in the community. I was just curious if anyone out there could help determine which morph of albino they think this is? I know that there is no way to know for sure. Someone from a Facebook group had to get rid of her fast so I don’t know much about her. I am just asking out of curiosity, not for breeding. The eyes are very dark red so I was thinking maybe rainwater? Or raptor (tremper).

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There’s some people that claim to be able to tell the 3 albino strains apart by the eyes but it’s not something I’ve found reliable past someone’s personal breeding stock. There’s no way to tell which for sure unless you breed

Typically Tremper is the most common.
Vegas/Rainwater used to be the 2nd most common but I feel like Bell has taken over as 2nd now.

Most likely, yours is a Stripe Tremper Albino. But since you aren’t really looking at breeding, but albino stripe is fine.
The eyes so look like a pretty bright red (looking on my phone so not the best way) so it may be from RAPTOR lines…
Personally I feel a lot of RAPTORs you see are not the best sample of what it is supposed to be, Red-eyed Albino Patternless Tremper ORange. So while I wouldn’t say raptor, based on red marble eyes and the albino, many would still say it.
The red marble looking eyes come from the eclipse gene. So if that Is the case (again. Phone showing images kinda sucks) then you can say striped albino eclipse or raptor mix. I just wouldn’t call it a full fledge raptor myself because there’s too much pattern going on.

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