Hello! Ball Python breeder, and more

Hi everyone. I am a ball python breeder in Canada.

I have been obsessed with reptiles and amphibians, and all nature, since I can remember. Still have the Audubon guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of North America from my elementary school library.

Projects I am currently into are:
Desert Ghost Clown Hypo
Genetic Stripe Enhancer Clown
Pied Desert Ghost Hypo

And others as well. Lots of Orange dream.

Always happy to talk projects, or any related topic on reptiles and amphibians.

Some other favorites:
Alligator snapping turtle
Soft shell turtles
Barbour’s Map turtle
African bullfrog
Dart frogs

Looking forward to getting to know fellow enthusiasts and breeders!


Welcome to the community


Welcome to our community :tada:

I am happy that you picked this community to share and get plugged into. I hope that you enjoy it here. If you like, feel free to add some pictures of your BPs.


Thank you!

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Thank you! I’ll edit the first post and add some. Great idea.



I like that hypo summa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I love patternless snakes, you will learn that being part of the forum.
What is the white and black one? It is gorgeous!


He is a Powerball Leopard get Desert Ghost, 66% het Pied, and 50% het Hypo.

Spotnose Desert Ghost double het Pied Hypo x Leopard Pastel Spotnose het Pied.

That pairing brought a few surprises. I had no idea of the het Pied, and both parents were from different breeders.

The next season, I paired the Spotnose Desert Ghost (now known het Pied) to a het Desert Ghost female. There were two Hypos in the clutch.

Next season, I paired the male surprise Pied het Desert Ghost to a Desert Ghost female. The clutch provided Desert Ghost Hypo 100% het Pieds.

With this info, the Spotnose DG was proven dh Pied Hypo, and his son Pied dh DG Hypo.

With some ups and downs on odds with other projects, this project has been an absolute blessing.


Man I hope when I start breeding I get all these surprise genes! You definitely produce some beautiful stuff!


Looks like we got a love for Morelia in common!


Love the one in the second photo


Welcome to the community! You have some nice ball pythons!


I think we’ll see more surprises in the future. A lot of hidden hets out there!

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Absolutely love it. Have to get some!

Crazy story with that girl. I’ll share a post on her. She is a Batman with an extra dose of Spotnose. Absolutely love that girl! She’s getting up to the 1000g mark now.

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Thank you for the kind words, and looking forward to great conversations!

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Im a massive fan of desert ghost, but already split myself between too many projects haha. Future goals!

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What do you use for your photos? As I am going to need to take wonderful pictures in the future.

Welcome to the community! Great looking animals. You’re doing well with your BPs. Keep it up!


Draco (banana bp)

NotBob (orange dream bp) I told my dad he could name her and he said “Bob” I said “it’s a female” then he said “ok then it NotBob” lol

Then there is Ekans (spotnose x fire poss vanilla bp)

And here’s a pic of NotBob and Ekans all cuddled up lol I’m try to get them to breed this year