Hello community

Good people of the morphmarket!!! Hello! My name is hannah, I have recently made the huge decision to invest in a ball python breeding project! I am a barber during the day and a major reptile enthusiast by night. So needles to say I enjoy art and I love creating and being proud of what I can create. I have been in the hobby now going on ten years physically keeping a plethora of cold blooded species… Practically my whole life if you count the countless days and night herping for fun as a child in Arizona… Anyways long story short… I have a long road ahead of me, I got 3 babies to grow up big and strong for a few years before anything. But I wanted to put my idea out in the air. Maybe help manifest my goals and ideas into reality.

Here’s my YouTube… just in case I ever upload updates if anyone gets interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4XO5QTLhNwPM-i3KoQp9Ig

2020 male:
butter enchi

2020 females:
trick emperor pin
pewter belly
(raven super stripe pastel in mind for another female possibly)

Thanks for letting me share.


Welcome. I’m in Arizona too, although my main interest is corns.

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Welcome aboard Hannah! Glad to have you here.


Thank you!:bangbang:

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Welcome Hannah :blush::wave:
You got yourself a subscriber :wink:
I look forward to seeing your contributions to the community :blush:


HI Hannah and welcome to the community. We are glad to have you here


Welcome to the community Hannah!

Go for the raven female!! :wink:


:raised_hands::partying_face::bangbang: Thank you so much! I’m excited, I’ll be working on better camera work. I’m filming from a potato. :joy:

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Thank you!! So glad to finally be here :raised_hands::bangbang:

Thank you! Right!?! I am hopefully gonna buckle down and make the investment here in the next week or so for her. Hopefully I will remember to make a video with my potato camera. :+1::hugs::joy:

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Welcome to the awesome world and community of ball pythons and there keepers/breeders. If you need anything don’t be afraid to reach out.

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