Hello everyone checking in from Long Beach CA

Hello every been on here a month or so but just realized I never introduced my self. My name is Kevin and between myself and my wife Nancy we make up K&N Royal Morphs we work with Ball Pythons only at the moment. Glad to be here and learn new things and help out whenever I can. I look forward to networking with anyone near me as well.
So far its been a great group of helpful people on here and hope meet you all someday.


I’ve noticed your username floating by here and there.
It’s nice to have you guys on board :+1:

Feel free too dump as many pictures of your snakes as you like here :blush:.


Welcome! Cool to see some local breeders on here and I too keep and breed only ball pythons at the moment. I’m from Downey so only a city over from you guys. Hope you have a great time on here!

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Welcome to the community! I second Tom and would enjoy a photo dump of snakes :3