Hello everyone (I’ve been called out)

Hello everyone! I’ve been on MorphMarket for a while but i haven’t yet said anything until now. I only just saw this post from a while ago that completely called me out on this from @eaglereptiles so decided I’d finally introduce myself.

I am a fairly new reptile keeper. I got my first bearded dragon off of here in December of 2020. His name is Draco and i love him very much. I also have Armadillidium Vulgare and Armadillidium Maculatum isopods. I do want to get more isopods soon though. I have a very successful dubia roach colony that’s providing plenty of food for Draco as well. Aside from exotic animals, i also have a dog, cat, koi fish, and chickens. I hope to get more reptiles and inverts in the future as well as birds and i would love another dog. I am also planning on soon upgrading Draco’s enclosure to a bio active enclosure with plants and isopods which i am very excited to do. Thank you everyone for having very entertaining and informative posts to read and I’m excited to be able to get involved in some!

Here are some animal pictures:

These are just a few of the many pictures i have of Draco:

Here’s the isopods:

Dog and cat:
My dog is named Ellie and my cat is named Mango

Chickens and koi:
They all have different names

Sorry for making such a lengthy post, i just wanted to share photos lol


Welcome to the family! Nice looking crew you have there!


Thank you!


Welcome! Glad to have your post and intro. I’m totally enjoying the way you posted pics of everyone. A beautiful and eclectic crew!


Welcome to the community! You have a handsome menagerie there! Thank you for all the pictures! Don’t be a stranger!



Welcome aboard!
Good looking crew you’ve got.


Great pics, is it just me or is your gsd dog winking!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in one of the pics!


Welcome to the forum; you have such wonderful animals! Sounds really cool to have so many species around. It’s my understanding that chickens are very underrated and actually a lot of fun to interact with. :chicken:

I also have isopods, they are surprisingly entertaining to watch! It’s just so satisfying when you get a colony to flourish. I even splurged on some species that are uncommon right now, but I’m too embarrassed to admit I did it so I haven’t posted about them yet, hehe. :see_no_evil: I’ve been experimenting with different types of isopod enclosures too, hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two and can post about it here.


Hello! I love your animals, very cute from dog to dragon :slight_smile: I hadn’t been keeping for 10+ years when I got my first boa from MM too and it sparked something when he slid out of that tiny bag, now I have 5 snakes and a Leopard Gecko lol.

I also have never managed to keep bugs, including feeders from crickets to mealworms alive, let alone mating, til I got a thing of Dubia. Now I have a huge colony that’s growing rapidly lol. Go figure.


No shame I’m a full blown lurker :joy: I am always terrified to respond/ introduce/ share with any forum because let’s be honest keyboard warriors and harsh judgments are everywhere on the good ole net. This forum is full of kind and very helpful people don’t get me wrong I know it’s not all bad. I would love to share my thought opinions and pictures but am a very soft hearted person and one harsh judgement can really hit home. I can’t be alone in that. What I’m getting at you are not the only one just reading. Wow look my first post!
P.s Love the pics of all your animals!!


She’s definitely winking lol! I was so excited about that picture because i thought it was super cute!


Thank you! Chickens are very fun to interact with. They all have their own personality’s and they always follow you everywhere you go. The one different chicken in the picture is named Liberty. She’s my sweetest chicken and will always jump on my shoulder the second i walk outside! So yeah, i love my chickens and they are very fun. Also, you should definitely post about your new isopods, I’d love to see them.


Welcome! Ive definitely gone back to lurking with my schedule haha. Beautiful animals :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the pictures. Makes me miss having chickens!


Welcome!! Im not a big social media person myself…but I love this forum! Its actually the only place I currently post. No Facebook…No tweet…No tic toc. Just No…lol. lots of cool people on here :sunglasses:


Same! I don’t use any other social medias except for YouTube and twitch but i don’t post anything anywhere except for here as of yesterday lol :joy:


My chickens are little terrors that my neighbors buy McDonalds fries for.


AMEN to your post! This is the only social media I belong to as well.


Hello, and welcome! I’m also fairly new here :grinning: Love your animals!


I love the name, another starwars fan here! and not the only one that hasn’t posted in a while so guys don’t worry I haven’t died lol.