Hello everyone - JDH Reptiles of Grand Rapids, Mi

For those of you who have followed us on Facebook, instagram, and Youtube hello again!!! For those of you who we haven’t met hello!!

Owned and operated by myself and my other half Jayme, we aim to offer quality, healthy animals for pet owners and breeders alike.
Specializing in ball pythons, Kenyan sand boas, and eventually moving into Amazon Tree Boas and Giant Madagascar Hognoses… We strive to breed only quality animals, to produce higher quality animals for the market.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reachout at any time:


Or find us on youtube at:

Thanks again, and have an amazing day…


@jdhreptiles just subscribed to your channel!


Thank you for the support, I hope you find something useful in the videos.

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Hello fellow Michigangander flint area here!

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Hello… How are things over on the other side?

It’s good!

Welcome @jdhreptiles to the forums! Just found you on Instagram and gave you a follow (ak.morphs). I’m looking forward to seeing clutch pics and all of your beautiful snakes you’re willing to share with us!

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