Hello everyone! New here

Alright, I’ve been lurking long enough, I suppose I should actually join in here. I’m Indi, I’ve been keeping snakes for 4 years and have 8 now. I’m interested in a wide range of species but mostly focusing on boas at the moment, which I’m attempting to breed. I’m pretty active on a few other forums but I prefer to help people with husbandry questions than share my own stuff, and there are a lot of people with far more experience than me here so I’m not sure active I’ll be.

I’ve attached pictures of my normal and red pastel paraglow boas, and my cinder corn snake. I also have a paraglow het anery, a paradigm het anery, and a sharp sunglow boa, a normal hognose, and a coxi.


Yes you have been lurking way too long and I am so glad you have officially joined us! Those boas are gorgeous :star_struck:and your little corn is a cutie peeking out from his cork log! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Since you have been a keeper for awhile with 8 snakes of different types you might be surprised at how much knowledge you have picked up. True there are a lot of experienced keepers here but everyone has something to contribute once in a while! :blush:

Ok so here is a question for you. What is a coxi? :thinking:


Now if someone would only tell that to @wolfrabbit lol

But in all seriousness it is great to have you here! We would all love to see more pictures of your pets. You have a very nice taste in boas. I think @lumpy should stop in to see how bright and colorful your guy is!


I’m glad to be here! Coxi, also known as a thai/coxi bamboo rat snake, black banded trinket snake, or Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi. They’re a small and beautiful asian colubrid that really deserve to be more popular than they are. Unfortunately I don’t have any good pictures because she’s a demon and is always too busy trying to get my fingers to sit still for a photo. I’ve been looking out for a male so I can start breeding but somehow not a single male went up for sale this year


Thank you! I’ll definitely share some more pictures eventually, I don’t take as many as I should and those were just a few I have on my pc. I’ve just found one of my male paraglow when I first got him, it’s not great quality and he’s squeezing the life out of my hand, but it shows his colours nicely.

That red pastel paraglow really is beautiful, she’s only 8 months old (was 6 or so in that photo), so I’m looking forward to seeing how her colour develops as she grows. I think she’ll be great in a future blood or supernova project


Wow! He is gorgeous! I think I may have to get one of those babies when you start breeding…

Also your hand :rofl:


Welcome! Gorgeous collection you’ve got!


Welcome! I would love to see more pics of your corn! Cinder is one of my favorite mutations.


Welcome, officially, to the community Indy! Beautiful boas! :heart_eyes:


Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! Heres a few more old mediocre photos, one of my corn (Phil), and one of my Coxi (Nibbles, because that’s exactly what she does to your fingers) on the journey home from the expo I got her from. That’s all for now, three of them are brumating and the gloomy england weather won’t let me get any well lit photos.

I don’t know a lot about corn morphs but cinder is definitely one of the best I’ve seen! I much prefer his muted grey tones to the bright orange of wildtype corns, and he gets lovely subtle hints of pink after a shed.


They’re both beautiful!


Oh yes! I know the beautiful bamboo rat snake! You really have a nice well rounded collection! I do so hope you find a male because that would be awesome if you could breed them! :star_struck:

Again I am so glad you are here too! :blush:


Welcome to MM. We all love pictures of boas . Well, really, any pictures of snakes, for that matter.


Welcome officially, Indi! You’ve got beautiful snakes! We are always happy to see more pics, lol. I’m a huge corn snake fan, and I appreciate the subtle colors of cinders, too. (I also appreciate the bright morphs, just for docent reasons.) Love the bamboo rat, and your boas are wow!

Glad to have you officially here.


Both of those boas are so nice but the red pastel paraglow is DREAMY! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It never ceases to amaze me how connected this world is! To be able to chat with someone like you who is so far away in England! And me being in the middle of the US in the state of Indiana! My daughter in law says that I am “old school”! :joy:. But to be able to answer a post in just a matter of a few seconds when there is such a great distance between us is mind boggling to me! :upside_down_face:

But I digress! The very best of wishes to you @indico for great success in your breeding plans! :+1::heart:


As another old school, transplanted Hoosier, I’ll say that it’s never wrong to be appreciative of the good things in life. Being able to connect with people for good reasons is assuredly one of life’s good things. I know you agree, @caron. I’m just feeling thankful today. :pray:


Amen dear friend! I am learning to be thankful in all things, good or bad! :pray::heart:

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Welcome to the family! We all love pictures so the more the better!