Hello from a (soon to be) returning hobbyist

Hey guys, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’m Teddy (hence the super creative handle I chose for myself lol) and I’m a former reptile keeper in Ireland. Because of moving around so much for work etc, I had to rehome my entire collection about 2 years ago. Prior to that I kept mostly large snakes (burms and retics) but have also had colubrids, lizards and a few other bits and pieces over the years. I had been looking forward to restarting my keeping again this September with a few nice female ball pythons to raise up, but with Covid19 affecting my job it looks like I will be postponing that for another year. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to interacting and getting to know all of you, and it gives me the opportunity to look out for some good quality second hand racks to buy and keep until I need them (always be prepared lol)
So that’s me, I’m sure I’ll see you all around the forum :slight_smile:


Well definitely share with everyone when you finally get some snakes again! This forum is extremely friendly and I am glad to read that you are getting back into reptiles eventually. Nice to have you on the forum!


@teddydalton Welcome to the forum Teddy!


Welcome to the MM community. Glad to see someone from Ireland! That’s where my ancestors are from and I was going to take a trip to visit some family there before this pandemic started.

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Nice to see you getting back in the hobby remember seeing you on reptile community ireland forum years ago when it was a thing.

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MorphMarket is the best place to find the reptiles you want. Plenty of knowledgeable people on here to help along the way.

Welcome back to the hobby! MM is the best place to be. Tons of info. Tons of beautiful animals. Tons of support. I think you’ll really enjoy being here.