Hello from Blue House Exotics!

Hello All!

I’m a small hobby breeder based in the Central Ohio area. I currently work with corns, kings, bulls and boas. I have been in and out of the hobby since I was a kid and got back into it May of 2017. Because of that, I have a lot of neat grow outs I’m super excited about. I do expect to have (if all goes well) four clutches of corn snake eggs and one clutch of bull snakes.

I just wanted to stop and say hello. I will be offering “starter” packages of baby corns to aspiring breeders who are just getting started.



Hi David!

I’m a corn owner myself, and am very interested in getting into the breeding world!! I have a Beautiful 4yo male homozygous bloodred diffused (i think thats the proper way to say it - he has no pattern on back or tummy) and i also have a 1yo female het sunkissed diffused bloodred. I reaaaally want to breed the two when my female is old enough, but right now shes still much too small to even live with my male… Are you at all interested in a pairing? If not, I’d also be interested in an egg from any of your clutches, or just be happy to receive any advice you have to offer as i begin this journey!

Thanks much,

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