Hello from Bon and I

Hey there everyone! I have had Bon Bon since 2015. I started out snake sitting for a kid and ended up keeping her. Back in 2015 she ate a tiny mouse a week, now she eats a medium-ish rat every month. She was just under a year old back then and maybe a foot long. Now she is a beefy girl and a little over 4 feet long!

I don’t know anything about morphs, but I was told she was a Mojave Pastel with pink blush? Not that any of that really matters to me as I am not interested in breeding her. I just think she is beautiful and super cool!

As for me, I live in Ohio and own a small computer business. My husband and I also run an Internet service that covers about 7 counties around us. I love animals and have a few cats and a rescued pitbull.

I also love classic cars and have been restoring my Dad’s Pontiac Fiero. I know, I know…why a Fiero… Well my Dad liked them. Said it was the poor man’s corvette. When he passed away in 2018, I needed something to keep me busy and help with the loss, so I started working on the Fiero. It is a fun little car to drive and I LOVE taking it to car shows.


This is my lil Fiero…I call her Alice


Welcome to the family!!


Thank you! I am really glad I stumbled upon the community. i spent hours yesterday reading other posts. There is a lot of information here! Now I have a place when I have questions about Bon!


Absolutely some of the most knowledgeable people in the hobby are on this forum. There’s never a dumb question.


I do have one question… Bon is about 9 or so…she currently eats a medium-ish rat a month. In June and July she eats 2 a month. Usually mid-December she eats her last rat for the year and then goes into “hibernation” mode. She doesn’t eat again until usually March. I offer her food from time to time to see if she is interested, but over the years this seems to be her thing. One pet store around here kinda went off on me saying this was not normal for a BP to do? Thoughts?


They go off food all the time for people and it is nothing to worry about. Even people who have been in the reptile goby for decades still have animals go off food. Please don’t take what pet stores say at all when it comes to reptiles unless it is a reptile store.


Good to know. When she was younger she ate every two weeks all year round, but in the last few years she seems to schedule a hibernation type thing. I keep water in her bowl always and she does shed once during her hibernation mode. She just doesn’t want a rat until about mid March.


Welcome to the family! You will love it here and as @spottedbull David says, there is never a dumb question! Everyone here is great and just about every reptile question can and will be answered by someone in this family!

I remember wanting a Fiero! I am so sorry for your loss but you are creating a wonderful tribute to your dad and his legacy by restoring his Fiero! Great picture too! :snake::blush::heart::sunglasses:


Beautiful girl! I love her name too! Don’t take flack from anyone about how you care for Bon. She looks lovely and healthy. My 3 year old is starting to turn her little nose up at her rats but she will eat again when she is ready. My 3 baby boys chow down weekly but I know they will probably get finicky with age. It sounds like Miss Bon has set her eating pattern the way she likes it and by the looks of her pictures she is thriving. That is all that counts!

I am so happy you found this forum because it is such a great community to hang out with. Also your cat is very cute but I have to say I have a super soft spot for pit bulls. They get such a bad rap. They are wonderful dogs at heart and I feel so sorry for the ones that end up in fighting rings.

You take care and God bless you and your family!


Thank you! <3 I really do love working on my Dad’s car. It keeps me busy and I feel like he’s there when I am out cruising.

I have two indoor cats, both black. The one in the picture watching BonBon is Lucyfur. She is a crazy kitty. I also have a big floofy diva named Ember.

I have rescued a few pitbulls and they truly are an amazing dog. The one I have now (Sally) is such a big baby. She was tossed out a window in a bag with her siblings. Only Sally and one sister survived. Sally was stabbed in the shoulder and her sister had a broken hip and has a wheely chair to get around.


Wow what cruelty. Sally and her sister are blessed to have been rescued in time and have lovingly homes. How can people who are supposed to be “human” do this? I hate it. LucyFur is a little cutie and I am sure Ember is too! Black cats are often the last to be adopted and you have 2! That’s amazing!

Give miss Sally a big hug for me and keep your father’s spirit alive with that Fiero! :blush::heart:

Best wishes! :snake: