Hello from Bradford, United Kingdom!

Hi guys and girls.

I’d just like to introduce myself here on MorphMarket, because although I’ve been breeding and keeping Royal Pythons for some years, this is a platform I’ve rarely used.

My name is Jordan…I’m a one-man band based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Great Britain.

My business is based from home within a dedicated room for Royal Pythons and Leachianus Geckos.

I love breeding Royal Pythons, and produce young that I’m interested in keeping for myself… obviously some of the surplus has to move on, but I never breed purely to sell if that makes sense?

My main aim in all this is to educate new keepers all about the Royal Python… Feeding, breeding, genetics, ecology, husbandry, and the list goes on… I have designed a website where all of this information can be found too (still a work in progress) https://www.jwroyals.co.uk

I’m active on both Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jwroyals/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JWRoyals/ if you’d care to look at any of my posts.

Anyways, that’s me. If you’d like to know any more information or advice, please just get in touch.



Welcome to the community, glad to have you here. You’re welcome to share some pictures of your favorite snakes and geckos.


Hi @erie-herps

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Here’s some of the babies I produced last year…


That top one is gorgeous! Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the community!

Absolutely in love with your hatchlings you posted :heart_eyes:


I am a Newby too. I like all of them, but the top one is very nice. I have not seen one like it. What morph is it?


Welcome Jordan :blush:

I’m from Manchester :metal: it nice to see some more people from the UK on here.

Absolutely beautiful bunch of animals you have there.

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Thanks @dracenhimitsu78

He’s exactly what I was breeding to produce… 8 Ball het Pied. I had 3 8 Balls in the clutch. One I sold, one I kept, and the third had to be euthenised :disappointed_relieved:

He had a major kink at the base of his head and wouldn’t have been able to eat.

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Thank you @akmorphs

I was really please with this clutch… some absolute stunners!

It ended up being a dual fathered clutch. I paired with a Spider at the last minute just to make sure… he only fathered one, possibly two of the hatchlings.

Hey @wmb1965

He’s a little 8 Ball het Pied. This combo tends to show obvious markers when carrying one copy of the Pied gene :+1:t4:

Even nicer than the true 8 Ball / Super Cinnamon / Super Black Pastel Pieds in my opinion.

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Hi @eaglereptiles

Thanks for the comment mate :+1:t4: Great to see a fellow British comrade on here :rofl:

Absolutely made up with clutch… just a bugger trying to decide which ones I need to move on :grimacing:


Welcome to the community!!! Congrats on the 8 balls!!! Love them I’ve tried to make 8 balls and super black pastels in the past and had nothing but problems! Yours are stunners for sure!!!


Welcome…Beautiful Ball Pythons.


Thanks @saleengrinch

These are tremendously hard to produce without problems :grimacing:

I’ve heard incubating at lower temperatures can help sometimes, but in my opinion, it’s pot luck.

One had zero issues, another had a kink on the last millimetre of its tail, and another had to be euthanised.

I’m going to keep working with it to see if I can make any further discoveries!


Thanks @ag2357, Really pleased with this clutch!

Keep us posted I’ve hatched one healthy one out of 9. I no longer pair for them I prefer to do gargoyles! Best of luck once again welcome !!!


Hi Jordan. welcome from Crawley UK. its near gatwick airport.
The 8 ball pied is awesome :star_struck:
Sorry for the late welcome, only joined recently but had to comment on the 8 ball